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Buy British: Buy Local: Padbury Meats Butchers

These guys are my favourite local butchers…(not only because they stock my honey) but genuinely because their meat is top notch! At Padbury Meats they don’t just give you a great bit of meat - they give you advice on how to cook it and what cuts are best for what ever it is you are trying to cook. They always serve you with a smile, and if you're lucky a cheeky joke or two as well!

This advice is ace for the ‘not-so-natural- cooks’ (like me), especially when you’re trying to impress your bloke and blag that you know the exact cooking timings for certain cuts of meat…

My first favourite thing about Padbury Meats is their ‘Monthly Deal’ which is ace for someone like me just cooking for 1 or also if you are a couple. The monthly deal is where they do loads of different cuts of meat all ready prepped for you just for £20. This usually lasts me at least 2 weeks of dinners, which works out under £2 a day for a wicked little evening feast!

My second favourite thing which initially wowed me, was their mince meat. I made some home made burgers out of the mince (see my burger recipes) and their was no pool of water at the bottom of the pan…I was confused and thinking - “what is going on here? - mince meat always leaks water?” No. No it doesn’t. Not Padbury Meats lean beef that is minced from the finest cuts there and then in front of you. I took a bite into these burgers, and it was the leanest, meatiest mince I had ever tasted! I couldn't believe the difference, it blew my mind. It is safe to say I will never buy mince meat in a packet again, no doubt about it.

As you know, I'm very pro - Buying - British, but I am also very pro - Buying - Local!

Supporting your local community, isn't just a ‘nice’ thing to do, it builds relationships within your community - and if you had a small little business, don’t you think you would want the people closest around you to be supporting you?

We usually choose where we want to live, because we ‘love that particular area and we want to live there. This is why its good to get stuck in and buy local in the place we love to live in, knowing exactly where the product we are putting in our bodies has come from.

Yes, I am one of those 'annoying' people who likes to know exactly what I’m putting in my body and exactly what I am eating. I have always been a bit picky with meat, and if I know its not going to be decent, I would rather the vegetarian option. A lot of people avoid butchers and go for the pre-packeted route because they believe it to be a lot cheaper. DARR DARRR!!!! *lightbulb moment* - that is not always the case. Good quality butchers don’t inject their meat with water to ‘bulk it up’ - its straight up meat. You also have that freedom to scope around and choose the particular cut you want, it tends to be leaner and generally better for you. Even if you are paying ever so slightly more, in my eyes, you get what you pay for, and going down the butchers avenue - you get far more for your money.

Check them out at :

Like their Facebook page and check out their monthly deals : facebook/padbury-meats-butchers

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