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Buy Local: Breakfast Joints: Boycott Farm

This is my favourite local Saturday breakfast spot. I first began coming here regularly In the summer as I started doing Buckingham Park Run every Saturday morning, and wanted to find a decent brekkie joint to re-fuel and chill after the race which was en route back home. Boycott farm I would say, is one of the best in the area, and very en route for me - so I gave it a try - and fell in love with the place. I come here on my own, with friends, with my mum and with my little nephews, all ages are welcomed and there is something for everyone.

This lovely little farm in the countryside of north Buckinghamshire is a hidden gem in a beautiful setting overlooking the rolling hills of Stowe and Buckingham’s vibrant green fields and leafy trees, and

out the back there are thousands of the farms free range chickens running around in the sun chirping away. I LOVE chickens…I find them hilarious.

How they move, how they squark, how they run around you for safety and shelter - I can sit and watch chickens for hours just smiling and laughing at what a peculiar weird looking bird they are! Those who know me, know I love nothing more than to laugh. If someone or something can make me laugh - I will spend as much time around it as I can - and pea brained chickens definitely crack a smile on my face even when I'm feeling blue!

This place is a lot more than ‘just a farm shop’, it is family owned and run by the Hilsdon family, it

is a butchers, a cafe and a restaurant all in one! With the freshest ingredients to entice you in for a proper hearty - home - cooked - British brekkie of the finest quality.

The free range eggs are the brightest in colour, and are super fresh - so fresh in fact, the chickens out the back are running around trying to work out where their eggs are I think!

The bacon and sausages are so meaty and flavoursome, you definitely wont be leaving with that ‘guilty greasy fry up feeling’ - you will leave feeling good and well fed. They also have a gluten free bread option which is nutty and tastes great, (rather than like you're chewing on abit of dry tasteless cardboard.)

I prefer to sit in the seating area out the back in the mornings as its a beautiful little sun trap, and the chickens all bop round curiously on the other side of the fence for self amusement whilst breakfasting! (I think most would agree the back outdoor seating has the best views too!) If you are coming for one of their cracking afternoon teas, then up in the hayloft restaurant area is as country and english as you can get! Little english tea pots and tea cups, a barn conversion with stunning wooden open beams, it really is quite the setting. If you have friends or family visiting you in north bucks, I would definitely recommend bringing them to Boycott Farm and booking in for one of their afternoon teas. The service is great, you are always greeted for welcoming, smiling staff and I doubt they could ever disappoint!

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