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East Coast Australia: Sydney

So I've only done part of the East coast from Sydney up to Yammba. Australia is so freaking huge, you gotta have a lot of time to try see it all. I've basically just jotted down my 'highlights' from this journey as there were so many awesome spots along the East - a lot of which I found via chatting to a few old locals that aren't necessarily the 'usual' stops people go to. A lot of them definitely don't get any 'hop on hop off' buses to them - I hired a Nissan Micra with a roof tent from Wicked Campers and it was brilliant!


A super cosmopolitan city full of beautiful, tanned people who love the outdoors. Surfing, hiking, yoga, running, volley ball, skateboarding - Sydney is a dream if you love any of these sports.

Its the epitome of 'cool', there are six packs everywhere you look - and boy do they get proper glammed up in the evening. I remember rocking up to Sydney after some chilled time in South New Zealand in my denim hot short shorts and converse and my friend sending me out to 'go get some shoes' so we could go on a night out. Converse didn't suffice. Heels and skirt were needed.

Quite a few years ago there was some kind of incident in Sydney in the early hours of the morning where some intoxicated guys had a fight and it ended badly. This has resulted in pretty much all bars having a 'curfew' time now of where you can't leave and re enter any bars after a certain time. Bare this in mind when you are on a night out - me and my friend ended up spending the eve in Sydney Casino once because we had left a bar and realised we couldn't enter any where else now because it was past the 'curfew' time.

My favourite bar in Sydney has got to be Coogee Pavilion. Its got an ace vibe, mega cocktails and real nice food. (You will quickly realise the Aussies have seriously nailed all types of food. Breakfast especially.) Coogee Pavilion also has an epic House music DJ playing every now and then which makes you feel like you're in Blue Marlin - Ibiza. Think Ibiza vibes and thats C P wrapped up.

If you like thai food - you have got to try Bangkok Bites. Their Thai massaman curry is MEGA and don't let the smallness of the place put you off, all the dishes we tried were phenomenal.

if you like a morning coastal walk or run - there is a great route between Bondi and Bronte Beach, or you can go a bit further and do Bondi to Coogee. On a sunny day it really is a beautiful walk, in the summer the sun sets over the sea this side and its magical!

If you want a slightly smaller and quieter beach from Bondi to chill out on, then Tamarama is a lovely spot. I regularly went down here to chill with a book or just to catch the few last rays of the day. Deli Cafe near Tamarama does an excellent brekkie, muffins, snacks and lunch too - definitely worth a visit.

I'm not sure you can get better coffee anywhere else in the world than in New Zealand and Australia?

I mean...i've tried it everywhere i've been and never found any as good...I even purposely hunt out Australian and Kiwi cafes in London - just to get some of their morning greatness in a mug. Basically what i'm trying to say is its pretty difficult to have a 'bad' coffee in Sydney - you will most likely love it wherever you stop by and grab one. This is just my opinion of course...

Bondi Icebergs Club is a cool place to stop by for brekkie in the morning or beer in the eve, the sea water outdoor pool is pretty iconic to Bondi.

If you have the opportunity - get the boat across to Manly for the day - It allows you to see Sydney Opera House from a different perspective on your journey to and from. Manly has a very cool sundowner scene also, the beach there is again beautiful and has awesome 'water dragon lizards' basking in the sun on the rocks all around it. You can do a lovely little coastal walk around it and see all the dragons chilled out along the side.

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