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Slovenia - Around Tolmin - Triglavski Narodi Park

I barely scratched the surface of the Triglavski National Park around Tolmin as it is so vast - but what I did manage to see - I loved. This National park amongst the Julien Alps attracts hikers, paraglider's and water sports enthusiasts from all over the world and I can totally see why. This place is like a secret gem hidden within the rest of Europe that not everyone had discovered yet. Sandwiched between Italy, Austria and Croatia (all incredibly popular tourist destinations) its like little Slovenia has been forgotten about somewhere along the line. I massively enjoy SUP boarding, trail running and hiking, so around Tolmin suited me down to a T! It is also the perfect destination for kayaking, canoeing and white water rafting - all year round.

Summer is obviously the best time to go as most of these sports are more fun when the sun is out and the air is dry. The river Soca is like no other river I have ever seen before with the water glowing a turquoise shade of green, it doesn't look real! Before I went, I totally thought people were over filtering their instagrams, but little did I realise it actually is that vibrant, stunning colour.

Tolmin Gorge - Tolmin gorge is a nice little walk for early morning - get there around 8am before the tour groups come in and change the 'ambiance'.

Kozjak Waterfall trail is an awesome trail run or hike. The route follows the emerald coloured soca river and at the end you take your boots and socks off to step through its waters to see the hidden waterfall around a corner of rock. Truly beautiful walk and waterfall.

Kozlov Rob - Hiking up to the summit of this hill or trail running it is a fun afternoon activity to do when the skies are clear - You get 360'degree views of the Soca Valley and Tolmin town and its ace to see the area from a different perspective.

Most Na Soci - The Lake at Most Na Soci is stunning and if you have a SUP board then its a dreamy lake to get your sup on!

The Triglavski National Park is a massive place of natural beauty. There is an array of outdoors activities you can get up to, from white water rafting to hiking, kayaking to caving. Many Paraglider's swarm here in the summer to fly free amongst the Julian Alps and I can see why.

Labcra Restaurant - this place is very simple but has a huge space for seating, so can cater for big groups no problem. They serve gigantic burgers and pizzas, wifi is good, there is a great play area for kids outside the front and is right next to the soca river. There is also an outdoors tour company here called Maya Team which you can book many activities with.

Pizzeria Soca 202 - Another very reasonably priced restaurant with a nice environment and atmosphere. Again portion sizes are big and wifi is strong.

Guest house Sobe Silva - This guest house is just outside Tolmin centre by about 5km, but the views from the rooms with a terrace are wonderful. Silva the owner is also very helpful and will try and answer any questions you may have. The rooms are very spacious and clean and I found it a perfect place to stay as a solo traveller.

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