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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

The first thing you will notice about this incredibly cosmopolitan city is the eclectic mix of people from all over the world it has living in it. Kuala Lumpur is very much a 'transit city' like Singapore or Abu Dhabi - but don't let that put you off - it really is a great place to explore! The small parks in the centre of the city are very well kept and planted with beautiful colourful flowers everywhere. Transport is very cheap and easy to use as they have a very clear LRT, Monorail and train system in place. You can get around the city on all these train systems with no troubles, or alternatively just walk around to get a feel of the place. Taxis can be pricey - Uber and Grab Taxi are everywhere if needed. Getting buses north or south of the mainland is very simple - and the buses are really comfortable for long journeys - (way better than UK buses anyhow!) ‘Sentral Station’ is where most coaches and buses go from.


The food courts are fabulous in Malaysia - they are usually located on the ground floors of the gigantic shopping malls or there is a good one at ‘Sentral Market' also. There is a huge choice of food of all kinds, a lot of authentic and local cuisine too!

Shopping Malls:

The shopping malls are like the king of all malls. Kuala Lumpur especially is pretty darn famous for its shopping malls if this is something you are into? They literally sell everything you could imagine, and even if you just need to escape the heat they are air-conditioned throughout.

China Town:

China Town has some cute little markets and temples around it to see - nice to see the Chinese part of the city.

Petronas Towers:

Go and see the iconic Petronas Towers in the day and at night as they look vastly different depending when you go. If you go to the south side of the towers in the park the view from there is great.

The Skybar Hotel:

The Skybar has incredible views of the Petronas Towers directly in front of it from 35 floors up. Its a classy bar, so nice to have a glass of bubbles and take in the views of the city.

Eco Forest:

The Eco Forest is a tree top board walk through a section of rainforest they have kept within the middle of the city. It is free to walk around it and a nice thing to do on a sunny day to give you a different perspective of the city.

Batu Caves

The caves here are quite magnificent to see and so is the incredible giant gold structure of Buddha. Many people from around the world pilgrimage here, so it is best to go first thing in the morning or late afternoon. Women have to have knees, shoulders and chest covered up - be aware of this other wise you have to pay to rent a sari.


I hesitated to put this one in, but I'm going to anyway. If the weather is appalling then there are plenty of Cinemas in english and its really cheap to go!

That is roughly my sum up of what I packed into Kuala Lumpur when I spent a few days there.

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