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Malaysia - Penang - George Town

Well this is a little slice of super cool Malaysia!

Penang - George Town sits just off of the West side of mainland Malaysia, it is very easy to get to from Kuala Lumpur via train or bus - which take you directly to the ferry port which goes across to the little island.

Bustling streets, incredible graffiti hunts, food that costs next to nothing but drives your taste buds wild, dreamy yoga and gigantic shopping malls - this place has such an eclectic mix of cultures and people of all ages from all over the world.

I was fortunate enough to be travelling Malaysia during Chinese New Year, so had an awesome experience of the place, being able to see all these amazing colourful celebrations I had never experienced before. Chinese lanterns, Dragon dancing, New Year Drumming groups and crazy fireworks - the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation awaiting the evening street

parties each night.


Getting around George town is simple on foot if you don't mind walking, or I would recommend Uber taxis. Uber is really cheap here and they seem to be by far the most efficient way to get from place to place compared to buses. Bus routes can be long and stop constantly making journeys twice as long as they really need to be.

Little India

There is a part of George Town known as Little india - with incredible southern indian food and very reasonable prices. Curries that make you feel like you realise how amazing an authentic one can actually be, and street hawkers selling the tastiest Samosas you’ll ever try! Have a look around at the ‘Restorans’ around little India - and follow the lead of how to order by the people you see in there all ready.

Penang Botanical Gardens

If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle for the afternoon - check out the Penang Botanical Gardens. This is free to go to and walk around - (just watch out for the cheeky monkeys). There are beautiful butterflies and dragon flies flitting around and little terrapins in the ponds just chilling out by the lily pads. If you are into walking and hiking there a few little hikes you can do around the gardens also.

Chew Jeti

Chew Jeti is another ace little ‘edge’ to George Town - seeing the ageing Jeti with all the little shops and stalls built upon it and how the Jeti families live. When you see how the structure is ‘held up’ in the water, you are amazed it is even still standing after all these years! A lot of people suggest to try the ‘durian puffs’ at the durian stand on the Jeti as its a ‘local delicacy’ - I would advise its only for people with a strong stomach!

Sunalini Yoga

Claire and Su run this yoga school with daily sessions in the morning and evenings with various different types of yoga. They are super friendly and its a nice relaxed atmosphere amongst busy George Town.

Mugshot Cafe do a great coffee, bagels, cakes and pastries for an afternoon sit down or for breakfast they do a selection of lovely yoghurt and granola pots.

Muntri Mews had beautiful breakfasts (if you aren't on a budget) and their coffee was superb!

Queens Hostel

This hostel is a female only hostel, but they do offer couples a private double room also. It has such a good vibe there and the location couldn't be better. The showers are clean and equipped with shampoos,conditioners, shower gel and even hairdryers! The staff are passionate and helpful with all you need to know about the area. A great place to stay for your time in George Town.

My favourite thing to do around george town was the ‘graffiti hunt’ - there are several famous bits of graffiti art around the town and it was fun winding around streets to find them. You can get a map online to find them or some hotels give maps out.

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