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Kruger Park - South Africa

So my trip to Kruger National Park was quite a last minute one with family and friends - and I really had no idea what to expect. On arrival I got out the car and walked out near to some elephants completely unaware this is NOT what you should do whilst on safari. Around wild animals...I was THAT tourist that got tutted at.

I had never been 'on safari' and wasn't really sure what you are supposed to pack. Some sites have pools, some don't, but mainly you will be in a car or a jeep 'spotting' (looking for animals and wildlife). So get rid of the posh maxi dress and heels, this is not that kind of adventure...

A family of Elephants in Kruger National Park

During our time there we stayed at two places - Olyphants Camp and Talamati Camp both were hut / chalet style accommodation with great balcony areas to braii on.

Olyphants Camp -

This site was a great size to run around, and if you book a hut that over looks the river its an amazing site in the mornings. We saw hippos playing and all sorts of wildlife in the mornings coming to hydrate, clean and play. It also has a decent sized food shop and a swimming pool for hot evenings or for kids to play in. Due to it being raised up on a bit of a hill, it offers amazing views over the Kruger and is a great spot for someones 'first experience' of Safari.

Talamati Camp -

Talamati is smaller than Olyphants, but has great well equipped chalets to stay in. Much more suitable for groups of friends on a trip together. It has a raised watching station overlooking a watering hole which you can have really special moments seeing elephants and buffalo from.

I've complied together what I think is things that would be useful to pack on your first little Safari to Kruger:


* Jean Shorts

* Tees / Vests

* Jumper / Hoody for the evenings

* Pair of Leggings / joggers or Jeans for evenings

* A hat for when the days get real hot

* Swimsuit if your accommodation offers a pool

* 1 Pair flipflops / sandals

* 1 pair of converse / trainers


* Anti mozzie spray / cream + plug ins if you have them + candles for evening bbq's

* Sun screen

* Towel

* Wet wipes

* Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser

* A good camera

* Binoculars

* sunglasses

You don't really need a lot for safari - you aren't going out for posh dinners or to posh bars. You just need to pack essentials of what you will be comfortable in - get back to basics! Enjoy every moment, as sometimes you literally will just get a magical 'moment' where if you were a second later or sooner you would miss something incredible. This is a trip where focussing on the present is truly rewarding, and somewhat essential - so leave your phones off and treat yourself to a little digital detox. Sitting outside at night by a fire and just listening to the sounds of the bush is an experience within the self. If you're lucky you will hear hyenas calling or the sounds of bush babies in the trees. You can lose hours in the evenings gazing at the stars scattered across the night sky - there are so many different elements of this type of adventure to embrace and enjoy.

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