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Cebu City - Philippines

Cebu city really is purely used as a ‘transit’ city for you to get all your life admin done mid travel. It is practical and useful but not some ‘pretty city’ you would go to on a weekend break. Travellers would use it to catch a flight, get cash out before heading to the surrounding islands or posting excess baggage home.

Getting Around…

Uber or Grab Taxi

These are super cheap to get around and if you download the app on your phone its quick and easy to use. The Phillipino’s are super friendly and always love a chat during a taxi ride.


These are hard to miss and are what the locals all use to get about the city. Crazy colourful open bus type trucks that look like something from MTV’S ‘pimp my ride’. Once you understand how they work, this is your cheapest method of transport for short trips around the city. They are also like a ‘must do’ at some point whilst you are in the Philippines as a local / cultural experience. They load them up with people inside and holding on on the roof - a pretty fun ride!

Buses to further a field…

There is a big bus station with an array of ‘local’ style buses and ‘tourist’ style coaches. These take a long time, look a bit rough and ready, but will get you to the far north boat harbour / port if you are heading to the northern islands like Malapascua.

A good spot to try and stay...

I recommend when staying in Cebu you do a bit of research in the area you want to stay in. Some places are a bit ‘rough’ and you will notice prostitution is very common in specific isolated areas.

Staying in a hotel or hostel near SM Mall is super useful, as that Mall literally has everything you need if you have an overnight stop in Cebu. It has restaurants, shopping, post office, cinema etc.

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