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  • Rebecca Marshall

Moal Boal - Cebu Island - Philippines

Moal Boal is a place of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle and swamps of tourists. If you want some sun, snorkelling, scuba diving and chilled exploring this is a great spot that is very easy to get to and from the city of Cebu.

HK Beach Resort

These are cute little huts on White Beach, with a very quiet / beach life atmosphere. They aren't to expensive, have comfortable beds and the owners on reception are very helpful during your stay.

White Beach

This beach is what its called. Bright white sand, beautiful and quiet - ideal for sunbathing and snorkelling if you just want some time out and r & r. The sunsets from white beach are breathtaking, its worth taking some beers as a sundowner in the evenings.


Walk down to the north end of white beach by ‘Hale Mana’ resort and snorkel there. Amazing array of big, colourful sea life and we saw many large turtles too. There are far less people up this end of the beach.

Angels Store

This is a really good, reliable place to rent good quality mopeds from. They are around 500peso per day and they will drop the bike off at your hotel for you and pick it up when you are done.

Moal Boal Town

If you are running low on cash there are a few ATMS dotted around Moal Boal town. The fruit markets are awesome and you can pick up lots of tasty local produce for cheap. If you need anything practical, there is a shopping mall here with a pretty big chemist too.


This cool little spot in Moal Boal has bustling nightlife, numerous restaurants and many scuba diving shops. There is a lot of hotels and hostels here mainly attracting the diving community as there is no beach here, but many people will complete their paid courses here or to do the diving with huge shoals of Sardines.

Neptune Diving

This dive shop and restaurant with incredible sea views has really good coffee that wont break the bank! Their breakfast is the best I found in the area and only 45peso for a filter coffee.

Mainit Hot Springs

It is 100% worth renting a motor bike or per for a day and visiting these hot springs. Its a 50 minute ride to the hot springs / waterfalls and the journey is full of beautiful views. Its only a 20 peso entry fee to this natural beauty so highly recommend!


Most people get around Moal Boal on tricycles unless you rent a motor bike or ped. They are safe (ish!) don't be put off.

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