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  • Rebecca Marshall

Concepcion - Philippines

Also on Busuanga Island, just north of Coron Town is the tiny little spot on Concepcion. For Diving, I would highly recommend coming here and using it as your base during a few days of diving the wrecks. The bonus of staying here instead of Coron Town for your diving is you are a 10 - 20minute boat journey from the dive sites instead of 2 hours boat journey. This also means, you get to the dive sites before any other dive groups and have a much better overall experience.

The diving company I would recommend here are:

Pirate Divers Concepcion. The Dive masters are very knowledgeable of the area and super friendly and relaxed. They organise several different packages depending how many dives you want to do and what you want to see, including amazing lunches out on the boat between dives.

Ann and Mikes Guesthouse - This guesthouse is opposite the dive school run by an awesome couple. Mike is Danish and Ann is Filipino. They have three big double bedrooms available right near the pier in concepcion where you can watch breath taking sunsets.

Concepcion Pier - Walk down here early in the morning to just experience the stillness and stunning quiet views, or with a beer at sunset just to take it all in,

Concepcion Falls - Lovely fresh water plunge pool to swim in and cool off on a hot day - it also has a little waterfall which is pretty.

Alfaro's - This place is a MUST VISIT in Concepcion. Speak to Ann and Mike and they can sort it out for you. It is a hotel on top a cliff top surrounded by nothing but ocean views. You can go and spend the day there for drinks, lunch, dinner, and watch the sunset over the sea from the pool. The hotel rooms here are amazing, so for a romantic break or a special experience, I would highly recommend this hotel.

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