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  • Rebecca Marshall

Coron Town - Busuanga Island - Philippines

A divers mecca and rest place. Surrounded my Japanese ship wrecks from 1944, this is an advanced scuba divers dream 'base camp'. You can also have a great experience hiring your own Bangka and guide for the day and see some stunning Lagoons, snorkel sites and natural beauty.

Lets start with Restaurants....

Bluemoon Resto - A great lunch spot if you just want to grab a panini, their filter coffee is cheap and tastes alright.

Turkish Kebab - Super cheap small kebabs that taste ace for a lighter lunch snack!

Grill Station - Great place for dinner - good deals on fresh seafood platters and grilled meats.

Coffee Kong - The best coffee in Coron Town, hands down. They do great breakfast waffles and muffins and their wifi is strong.

Winnies - Lovely thai food, you have to book here in advance as it is super popular. Their thai curries are dreamy!

Balinsasayaw - This is a really nice seafood restaurant with pretty fairy lights and a lovely romantic evening setting.

Amphibi-ko Sky Restaurant - Good sushi and Ramen and super reasonable prices. There are different deals on different days and the ocean view is beautiful!

Restaurants for Sunset views -

Fika Cafe - for an average coffee and cake - but strong wifi

Levines - Cheap Filipino food with stunning views

La Sirinetta - Amazing views and good food for dinner


Hostel / cheap and cheerful - Marleys hostel - great little hostel, lovely owners, clean, big shared kitchen and various types of room and a great price.

Splash out and Fancy - Corto Del Mar - Lovely pool and shower facilities, even if you don't stay here as a guest, you can go for the day, buy lunch and can use all their facilities!

Things to see...

Maquinit Hot Springs - Massive hot springs, well maintained and a great place to go chill out early evening.

Kayagan Lake - Stunning Lake on Coron Island. Worth going in the morning or lunch time when it is quiet and the tour groups aren't swarming there.

Medusa - This is a great place to hang out when its a super hot day. They have a lovely little pool, wifi, bar and snacks style restaurant.

Island Hopping Advice - If you want to go on a Island Hopping tour, bear in mind a lot of the companies will not take you unless you have 'sea - shoes' to protect your feet from dangerous fish. Another tip is to be aware there are many 'territorial' fish in the snorkelling areas that aren't shy to give you a nip - all adds to the experience eh? Personally I would advise you decide exactly what you want to see, pay a little extra, hire your own private boat, take a picnic and avoid the crowds for a more personal experience.

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