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Embrace your True Identity

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Beauti-FULL

“Isn't it a wonderful thought that no one else in the whole world has the same story as you? Each and every one of us is unique.”

Deep in thought, it took a while for me to get my head around the fact that no one in the world has had the exact same journey, the same ‘one off’ experiences, or the same story. We are all fully individual and unique and everyones mind has been formed from different chapters that have taken place in their lives.

What an awesome thought?


You are UNIQUE!


Be Brave!

Once upon a time, I used to walk into a room a wonder to myself “do these people like me?”

Now I walk into a room, and I wonder “do I like these people?”

It is not a bad thing to be confident in yourself, confident in who you are, to know what you want in life, and to know what you like.

Should we sit and wonder ‘if people like us / / what do people think of us?”


As I look back at my younger self, these were worries I had so much - I had several groups of friends I would flit between and they all were very different, and because of insecurities I would then also act different with the different groups.

I realised at 16 with one of the friendship groups I was actually just being ‘me’ and they all still wanted to be my friends when I was just ‘being me’! Miracle!

Low and behold, these are the people I am still friends with now after 18 years of knowing one another - the other friendship groups I haven't seen or heard from since school.

It does take some courage and bravery to fully ‘be yourself’. You can have fears of being rejected, not being liked and the concept of being that vulnerable can be daunting. But guess what? You quickly realise who your real friends are, as they stick by you through the bad days and the good days, and they just love you unconditionally for simply being YOU.

Be BRAVE. Be YOU. Because it really is the most BEAUTIFUL you you can be.

Be Bold!

I used to be what falls into the category of a ‘people pleaser’. Sounds like a ‘nice’ title, but actually, its quite frustrating.

People pleasers tend to be people who can never say ‘No’ and just agree with everything other people say to ensure an easy life, even if they disagree, just to keep the peace.

When I took a job as a development account manager, they picked up on this ‘people pleasing trait’ and informed me I would get walked over and used in the business if I didn't sort it out.

Rather taken back, I understood they were trying to help me, and they sent me on some courses to get more assertive and to drum the people pleaser out of me!

I can’t thank my boss there enough for teaching me how to say ‘no’ and encouraging me to speak my own opinions rather than agreeing with everyone all the time, because its made my life much more simple by not double booking things constantly because I couldn't say no, and I now am confident having my own voice.

This can be quite a scary thing to do at first, but gracefully saying ‘no’ to people is SO MUCH easier than saying ‘yes’ then trying to come up with excuses later because you've double booked etc. The more you say it, the easier it becomes, and the freer you feel internally in your everyday life.

It really is OK to say no.

Be BeautiFULL!

So, when you are BRAVE, when you are BOLD and when you are YOU, you are so much more full of beauty than any ‘act’ you can ever be.

The reason being ‘you’ is so beautiful is because there is no one else in the world like it, and that is seriously attractive, physically and emotionally to the world around you.

Being REAL fills you with beauty from the inside out because you will give off a subtle confidence that you are happy within yourself and you don't feel a need to be ‘fake’ in order to please others. Alas ! When you are real, you end up being surrounded only by the people who have a positive impact in your life, because they love you for who you are - not a false alter ego you can pretend to be.

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