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"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said.

But they  will always remember how you made them feel"

- Maya Angelou

Hi, I'm Bex - also known as 'the Bee Chick!'  When working in the french ski resort of Tignes in 2008, there was a few people called Rebecca, and I was often referred to as "you know, that bee chick" and here we are... 

I began my career in bee farming in April 2009 joining my father’s business British Honey Producers Ltd at the age of 19. 

I am the first Bee Farming Apprentice to graduate in the UK on The Worshipful Wax Chandlers Apprenticeship in Managing Commercial Honey Farms. I completed this in October 2016.

My career has predominantly been focused on rearing Queen bees and being a freelance Bee farming consultant to scientists, the media and to new bee keepers who need help and advice.

My passion is helping people understand the importance of bees in our world and to help people keep them.

I have had experience rearing queens at Buckfast Denmark with Keld Brandstrup, chairman for the Danish Association of Commercial Beefarmer's and rearing thousands of Queens for Alpine Honey Co in New Zealand. I also contractually grafted  several thousand larvae for scientists in the UK for 3 years, as well as rearing and selling 2000 queens a year in the the UK. I have been fortunate enough to of spent time researching Manuka Honey Production in South Island New Zealand, have worked in Western Australia in the south of Perth researching Jarrah Honey Production, Pollination of Almond Orchards in the Adelaide Hills - South Australia, and Urban Bee keeping in Sydney East Australia. 

Due to the nature of my job - it is quite seasonal giving me 4 months off per year over the UK winter. During these months over the last ten years I have travelled - and during my travels I wrote diaries about each and every place I visited.

I hope that my write ups can help fellow travellers on their journeys and adventures exploring this beautiful planet we call home. I am mountain obsessed and am passionate about helping others have the courage to explore and adventure more. My other passions include, snowboarding, healthy living through lifestyle and food, mindfulness in everyday life and nature photography. 

All photographs on this website are my own. 

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