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  • Rebecca Marshall

Malapascua Island - Philippines

The best thing about Malapascua Island? SCUBA DIVING! There are some epic dives to do around Malapascua, my favourite being the Monad Shoal Dive with Thresher Sharks..

Monad Shoal Dive

This is a must do dive if you are here and have a advanced scuba diving license. As its a deep sea dive at approx 28 - 30 meters, you must have an advanced license to do this. However, it is one of the only places in the world you can dive with thresher sharks, fully in their natural habitat in the wild. Thresher sharks are a deep sea shark - usually they swim around 200 mtrs deep in the ocean, but they were discovered at Monad Shoal to come up in the mornings between 4am - 6am as a ‘cleaning station’ for all the sucker fish to latch on and ‘clean’ them. The beauty of this dive is it is different every time you do it because it is wildlife in its purest form. I recommend doing this dive more than once as it is a truly thrilling and memorable experience. The last time I did this dive there was 3 thresher sharks swimming around me only about 3 meters away - it was magical and i will never forget it!

Beach Massage

When you are on the main beach on Malapascua you will see lots of ladies in purple going around offering massages. They are super friendly and really good, their full body massages are around 300 peso and are totally worth it!

Mallapascua Budget Inn

Fun and chilled out hostel with movie nights every night - great place to meet people if you are a solo traveller. The owner is super friendly, and when he found out it was my birthday he gave me a bottle of wine and threw me a little party! I was a little overwhelmed at this as wine is such a treat over on the islands and it was such a thoughtful gesture. The other great thing about this hostel is they always had hot water and the private rooms also have air conditioning!

Tepannee Resort

These are 100% THE BEST beach huts on the island. They have a gorgeous little bar to watch the sunset from over the ocean and their espresso martinis aren't bad either! Even if you are not a guest here, you can go and have some drinks at their bar and just enjoy the view.

Logon Beach

There is a real tasty thai restaurant on this beach and also a real swanky italian style restaurant too. If you want a treat a would recommend both of these!

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