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A Long Weekend In Jersey - Channel Islands

We stepped off the plane on a beautiful spring evening - just as the sun was setting over the sea.

As the warm Jersey air hit me, it felt as if I was somewhere in the Mediterranean, not just over the water from England on one of the channel islands.

We were greeted with big smiles and hugs from our Jersey friends who took us straight to St Ouens on the West side of the island to watch the remaining sunset and eat some amazing Pizza.

The North of Jersey Island...

During my short stay we hiked the coastline from Greve De Lecq to Plemont which was an absolute stunner! The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We spent hours at Plemont Beach scrambling over the rocks to discover rock pools, sitting in the sun with our music on and general playing around like we were kids on their first day at the beach. There was only about 6 other people on the entire beach which amazed me, and because of that it gave it a much more 'secluded' feel.

My favourite of the West...

Watersplash is a great beach bar / restaurant serving an array of freshly caught fish served proper British style. By day it is a chilled beach side restaurant, by night it is more of a night club and evening hang out due to the superb setting for sundowners. The surf on St Ouens just in front of water splash is a great surf spot attracting the surfers from all over the island.

El Tico - This has got to be my favourite restaurant I visited on Jersey. Its spot on for a special occasion or a date as it romantically over looks the sea and has a menu that will leave you not knowing what to do because you just want to EAT EVERYTHING on it!

The best thing on the East?

Ever tried a Surf and Turf breakfast bap in a soft, floury Portugese roll?

Well at 'Rhona's on the beach' cafe in Gorey you can try the freshest crab and bacon butty you will ever get your hands on! The Crab meat is caught that same morning and is put into these fine rolls on the same day - just delicious!

There is also a pretty awesome castle up on the hill just a walk down from Rhona's which is worth a look around!

A Bit of South West paradise...

Beauport beach houses spectacular turquoise beaches that will make you think you are in West Australia!

There is a beautiful little walking route all around it with different view points, routes all of various distances so you can pick and choose. This is a great picnic spot, or if you just want some fresh air and a view - head to Beau Beauport.

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