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Happiness is Contagious

Some times people have what I would call a 'grey day.' It creeps up on you like a sneaky grey rain cloud, and out of no where engulfs your usual happy spirit, turning it from a vibrant yellow ray of sunshine into a grey wet day.

I feel it physically as a dull ache / wavering pain in my chest - the emotion of anxiousness and irrational fear. My head is all of a sudden overwhelmed with ridiculous ( and I really mean RIDICULOUS) irrational thoughts that are totally untrue. They can stem from a teeny tiny seed of negativity that someone has said, or something someone has done, and fully spiral out of control rapidly like a weed ruining your beautiful flower bed if not dealt with immediately. I become sombre, quiet and appear completely distracted when people try to talk to me - which is opposite to the 'real' usual me.

I got to the brink of a 'grey day' this week - the point where your chest hurts so much, and the thoughts have got so negative and so ridiculous you are holding back tears, and I took it upon myself to go to a 1 hour High Intensity exercise class. In the car park I was at 'tears' point - so got out the car quickly in order to distract myself by facing people not giving my head the chance to cry.

Sure enough it only took about 5 minutes to begin sweating out the negativity from my body - feeling freer and freer to one song after the next with 20 other people around me also sweating away!

It was hard not to laugh or smile during the class, as you are sweating so much, and pushing yourself so hard its funny.

(I'm not sure if you have ever tried to be sad and smile at the same time, but it does not really work!)

Research has shown that when you smile it changes the way you feel - and literally makes you happier.

After 60 minutes of laughing at myself trying to do '1 more set' of Knee ups and pulse squats to old school 80's tunes, I came out feeling like the rain had stopped on my grey day, and yes it was still a little overcast, but it had improved substantially and I was beginning to see bits of blue sky.

Until joining The Energy Effect Fitness Studio, I had not realised

1. How much happiness is so contagious

2. The massive mental / emotional effect physical exercise has on you.

I knew for me personally, exercise has always made me feel better about myself, but I had not realised just HOW MUCH it had.

I wanted to share this, purely because I think there are so many people battling with their own emotional issues and daily stresses in life and wondering how on earth to tackle them or find a solution.

I am not in anyway saying this is the solution for everyone, but I'm sure it might help other people and not just me!

The classes I go to are full of people of all different ages, fitness levels, men and women - you don't have to be 'fit' to go - EVERYONE is welcomed with open arms.

Everyone has their own personal journeys, and their own personal reasons for going.

I originally went because I wanted to get fit and strong after coming back from injuries, but it has ended up helping me mentally, not just physically in a big way. I feel a sense of 'belonging' which was something I found was missing in my life, I feel more positive, more upbeat, more energetic, have a better self esteem and most of all more HAPPY.

If you are someone who experiences something similar to 'grey days' and haven't tried the exercise classes route - then maybe going to some classes might give you a dose of happiness and joy or that bit of sunshine that you are craving in your life too? You never know until you try : )

Help you be you!

I read in a book this week a beautiful quote that I want to leave this on as It has stuck with me and I think its so true:

"Your happiness should be a priority in your life. Because its contagious, and if you make yourself happier you'll be motivated to ensure your loved ones are happy too"

- Caroline Millington (Book is: 'Kindfulness)

After all - why would you not want to make all the people you love feel happy?

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