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  • Rebecca Marshall

Buy British: The English Tea Company

These guys have got fruit tea down.....and the Honeybush Acai Berry Punch is my absolute favourite flavour.

"Loving, caring tea seeks a perfect partner. Its ideal partner is someone who is looking to excite their tastebuds, not afraid to try new things, passionate about tea and only dreams of the finest ingredients, likes to be healthy or has a desire to be healthier and is looking for a loving relationship..."

- The English Tea Co.

The English Tea Company tea can be bought in most big super markets and whole food stores, I tend to buy it from Grape Tree, a local organic super foods store near me in Bicester.

Its Organic rooibos tea, and naturally caffeine free! There are heaps of flavours to choose from. Its a nice little treat to have one of these sweet, fruity, tasty teas after dinner and becuase they are super heatlhy... you have nothing to feel guilty about! They are also ace for those who suffer headaches and stomach cramps and can't handle caffeine etc.

I tend to dollop a spoonful of good honey in there if I want a sweeter taste, but they taste ace without that too.

Grab a box before winter kicks in, cosy up on the sofa with a movie and one of these fruity little numbers!


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