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Slovenia - Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a little city with a lot to offer. This great spot borders Italy - so you will immediately notice the italian influence of beautiful gelato, tasty pizza and fantastic wine! You can sit in the sun along the Ljubljanica River enjoying a continental breakfast and lose hours people watching, or have an afternoon sit down in a hipster gelato parlour that also serves cocktails with Blue Marlin Ibiza sounds gracing the atmosphere. The diversity this destination as a city break can offer is awesome, as surrounding Ljubljana are some incredible natural wonders which are easily accessible so you can mix a bit of city with nature no problem.

My first and favourite. Wine. Not many people know a lot about Slovenian wine as they make such small amounts that it is not exported around the globe. The Slovenians are very proud of their wine and they like to keep it my themselves and in their country - and I can 100% see why! Make an effort to try their wines or even book on one of their wine tasting tours (there are many different ones on offer!). I am a white drinker - and my absolute favourite poisons were:

Malvazija, Bordon Istra - a dry white

Sauvigon, Ripljen 2013, Starjerska - dry white

Take advantage of the free 2 hour city walking tour. This walking tour is at 11am and 3pm every day, no matter the weather - the meeting point is at the front of the pink church (you can't miss it!) and is available in several languages. The tour hosts are witty and highly informative of all the buildings and history of the city, and they also can give you great tips and advice of things to do during your stay.

Tivoli Park is a huge and beautifully well kept park on the western outskirts of the city centre - it is also the biggest park in Ljubljana. Its a great spot to go for a morning run, a bit of yoga or a quiet picnic to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre.

Restaurant Slon 1552 - this is a hotel restaurant with impeccable service and a menu you could plough through for days. Their truffles and Macaroons are a pleasure explosion to your taste buds and you will be talking about them for days afterwards. They have an intensive wine list and the food is presented to perfection. They strive to use Slovenian produce, so its great to taste all the local cuisine and for a special occasion meal.

Lets talk Gelato. Cocoa, Gelateria Romantika and Vigo Ice cream are all amazing spots for a chilled afternoon 'gelato break' or simply if you need to sooth the sounds of your kids for 10 minutes! Basically you would struggle to find a bad gelato in Ljubljana - it is something they have mastered to perfection with an array of flavours - some new and innovative, and then your old classics - they have it all.

A cheap and friendly place to stay is Hostel Tivoli. It is a 15minute walk to town through the beautiful Tivoli Park, it has free parking, incredibly helpful staff, is clean and has great wifi. You can get a private double room here or bunk beds shared rooms if you are on a budget.

Postojna Caves - these are approximately a 45minute drive (or go on a tour bus) from Ljubljana and are a

MUST SEE site see. The caves are a tourist trap, but just embrace what you are seeing as they really are spectacular! The Postojna caves are a 24,340 m long karst cave system, and you buy a ticket to go deep into them on a tram then you walk the rest. They are eery and mind blowing at the same time, I was in awe thinking how this huge, spectacular formation was all hidden under ground for such a long time.

Ljubljana Castle - Do the little hike up to the castle for stunning views over the entire city. It only takes about 20 minutes to walk up and its free to walk around the exterior grounds of the castle. Being up there gives an amazing perspective of the city.

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