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Set Your Soul On Fire!

Now...this is a bit of a 'controversial' topic as many people don't believe in 'a human spirit' or 'soul' as people think its 'a bit hippy' or 'wacky'. However, I do, and this is my website so I'm gonna talk about it! (haha.)

The term 'do this' or 'do that' 'to keep your spirits up' is thrown around all the time - however, people rarely think deeply about what that actually means. I personally believe it to be a very REAL thing.

The first time It fully dawned on me importanthow your ' human spirit' is was when my brother passed away on 7th November 2014.

My oldest brother had suffered with brain tumours for 14 months before he 'went to a better place' and thankfully myself and my family were right there with him when he passed. We couldn't of wished for a more peaceful moment than that moment - he simply sighed and it was as if he fell asleep. I was sitting next to him holding his hand at the time, and it was as if we witnessed his 'human spirit' leaving his body. After that last breath, he didn't look like Adam any more - it was only his body that remained in the room with us. In an instant we physically saw it leave.

This is the very moment I realised how important it is to FEED YOUR SPIRIT - as much as you can - because it is inbuilt in you for a reason - its what makes you, you.

Image of 'the butterfly' and 'dhaulgiri mountain' taken on my sunset hike up poonhill, Nepal Himalaya 3210mtrs

Ten years ago I realised the 'thing' which sets my soul on fire and feeds my spirit is mountains. Whether that is hiking up them, trekking through them, or snowboarding down them. I am in complete awe of them and they bring me a feeling of happiness and peace. They create an instant smile across my face when I see them, they make me feel excited inside and filled with gratitude to be apart of this beautiful planet. The formations and magnitude of them blow my mind and some particular peaks I become so intrigued by I end up reading book after book about them.

I could have a really rough day and be in a really low mood - but if I take myself to go sit, have some 'me' time during the golden hour watching the sun set over a mountain - I will be squared up again and back to my happy place.

Mountains make me feel dwarfed and so small in such a huge world - I feel like they are a bit of art created just for us to enjoy - a reminder of how thank full we should always be to live in the stunning world we live in.

Trekking through the Annapurna region of the himalayas in Nepal was a truly magical time for me - it was the first time I had been amongst 8000mtr+ peaks and at points I felt as if I was on the moon - with nothing else or anyone in sight but mountains. I was quite emotional during this time, purely through sheer joy and appreciation to be able to have the opportunity to be there, and do what I was doing.

Whenever I am strapped to a snowboard and amongst the snowy mountains I can never wipe the smile off of my face. I usually come back from a snowboarding holiday with my face aching due to the amount I've been smiling - snowboarding 'lifts my spirits' no matter what. The people. The scenery. The adrenaline. The adventure. The vibe. I always find I'm filled with a lot of love and euphoria after a day out shredding with friends on the mountain.

When I was in Stellenbosch recently, I went on a spontaneous walk around Coetzenberg at sunset - which gives you a beautiful view of Stellenbosch city, the vineyards around and all the mountains there. I felt so 'present' in that short moment, watching the sunset - I felt filled with an overwhelming sense of calm.

It is very clear to me, that it is inbuilt in my DNA to have a thirst and love for mountains and natural beauty. There is a reason it is inbuilt in me, its what makes me, me!

I know that if I feed mountains into my life regularly - it brings me so much joy and sets my soul on fire! This all hit me very suddenly on a beautiful day in Bled, Slovenia - when I was hiking earlier this year on my first fully - solo trip. I was so happy just wondering through this beautiful country on my own - it was like a light bulb switched on in my head to say "this is it! this is what feeds your spirit! mountains! Creation! Natural beauty!". I knew that if I continued 'feeding my spirit' with what it craved (mountains / creation / nature) it would bring me so much joy.

Basically the point I want to express is - find out what your spirit so desperately desires, PURSUE that desire and DO that desire - as much as you can!

If you feel you love to paint - make time to paint. If you feel you love to dance - go join a dance group.

There is a reason we as humans are all into different things and have different personalities that are so unique. Do what sets your soul on fire - and keeps your spirit alive - because it is life changing, builds your self confidence and it helps you be YOU.

A survey was done on people who had been diagnosed with fatal illnesses asking approximately 100 people "what would you tell others as life advice before you die"

I will leave you with a link to it. Enjoy.

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