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Cape Town - South Africa

I have not really scratched the surface of this unique and vibrant city, but the short time I spent there - I felt the buzzy and bustling atmosphere of the place surrounding me. Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the strikingly beautiful Table Mountain.

I predominantly stayed in Stellenbosch whilst in the South West of SA so dipped in and out of Cape town in my free time as it was only a short drive away from the Stellies winelands.

Like pretty much any city in the world, there are 'dodgey' streets and 'safe' streets, often running along side one another - you just have to be wise and switched on - simple things like keep your bag done up when walking about, and if you are a chick on your own, think about where you are walking after dark.

Beaches . . .

The popular ones are Clifton 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then of course Camps Bay. Depending on the time of year and season, these beaches can get shoulder to shoulder busy, so if you want a beach day in the middle of summer, I suggest getting there early to pitch up at a good spot.

Camps Bay

* The far north of this beach is a great surf spot and a bit quieter than the rest of the beach as it isn't directly in front of the road and all the bars/restaurants. The north part is also a dog friendly beach and has little estuary type pools where the sea water has flowed in for kids to play in.

Even on a scorching day in the summer, the sea water tends to still be freezing here - so only the brave souls would venture in for a swim!

* Mantra Restaurant - this restaurant is on camps bay beach front, it has beautiful views over the ocean, decent coffee, good salads and pizza for lunch.

* Cafe Caprice - this place just sounds cool right?! Super cool hipster vibe this is THE spot for snacks, lunch, or sun downers. However, because its SO FREAKING COOL, erry'one wants to be there, so you have to get in early to get a table.

* Kauai - If you are a clean eating fit bot then here is your - Froyo of dreams / healthy wraps / super food salads and smoothies!

From camps bay you can walk up the pathway on the road to Clifton 4, it literally will only take 15 minutes.

Bree Street -

This bustling street has heaps of cool and quirky restaurants, shops and cafes.

* Dapper coffee is a great brekkie joint that serves you a fantastic flat white on a cute little wooden board.

Loop Street -

The top end of loop street is deemed the 'cool trendy end' the bottom end is deemed to be a little 'hairy' at night. However, I stayed on this street and never felt like this was the case, there is just more going on at the top end I guess.

* 91 Loop Hostel - its rare I say this but this is a superb hostel. 10 / 10, I couldn't fault it in any way. The wifi was great, the rooms were very spacious, super clean and informative, friendly staff. I would stay here again and again if I went back. They ran a great hike upto Lions Head in the evenings for sunset that I would highly recommend.

House of 'H' - At the bottom end of Loop Street - this little cafe sells Deluxe coffee and has reasonably priced food - steaks and salad kind of joint.

My Top Picks

* Hiking up Table Mountain - Don't be lazy and que for an hour to get in a cable car with hundreds of other people. the views as you walk up are stunning the whole way, and you will seriously miss out. The route we took was Platteklip Gorge and isn't too tough to hike up at all. There even was kids doing it with their parents. Although it is highly unlikely anything will ever happen, there is always the odd horror story, so don't hike here alone.

* Hiking up Lions Head for Sunset - this is a lovely hike up with a wide path the majority of the way until you reach the last little bit. Lots of people were even jogging up and down here with their dogs for sunset. In the summer the sun sets over the ocean and you can see all of camps bay from a different perspective, you really shouldn't miss it if you have time. As said previously - don't hike here alone.

* Hiking around signal hill is equally as beautiful, there are heaps of different routes to take and you get the opportunity to see this stunning region from so many angles. Again, don't hike here alone.

* V & A food market - this is a foodies heaven! I was in my element here and basically wanted to eat everything. From incredible vegan ice creams to Truth Coffee and asian cuisine that leaves you speechless. Its a must go (in my opinion)

* V & A Waterfront - Yes it attracts every single tourist which is currently on holiday in CT, but it is a beauty to walk around in the sunshine. When I was there, a cute seal was splashing around playing for ages in the harbour and its genuinely just a nice place.

* Mojo Market - Located in sea point, this food - drinks - clothes and nik-naks market is ace. Go with a group of friends in the evening for a glass of fine south african wine and grab some food from the vendors all around. There is a great vibe about this place and I wish I got to go more!

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