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Buy British: McNair Mountain Shirts

McNair Shirts - where do I start?

I first heard about merino wool over in New Zealand, I fell in love with Mons Royale merino street wear and their thermal underwear range. It blew my mind that after ten years of snowboarding, when I would wear about 5 layers to keep warm, now all I needed was 2 layers – thanks to merino wool! ​

Merino Wool indisputably is an incredible, natural technical material. Its super soft and super tough, It is water resistant so keeps you dry on the snowy mountains, and mega warm keeping you cosy so you don’t need millions of layers! The magic part also is that it is odour resistant... So you can wear it, and wear it, and wear it, and you will never have the grubby ski-bum smell on your shirt after a sweaty hike in the back country.

This Shirt – Coat – Jacket …whatever you want to call it or use it for, genuinely CAN be worn everywhere.

I wear it instead of a ski jacket on the mountain.

I wear it over my dress as a “tailored coat look” on date night.

I wear it on those grey heavy Sunday mornings chucked over a tee and jeans when I drag my ass out of bed to go to church.

I even wear it SUP boarding at my local lake now autumn and winter are approaching and there is a chill in the air.

I definitely always wear it on long haul flights when the air hostess’s think its necessary to wack the air con on freezing and give you a crappy thin blanket.

The list goes on…….

To put it bluntly, this shirt is so versatile and well made, you can wear it with whatever you like, wherever you like.

Every time I wear it people always ask me about it and where I got it from. The attention to detail is out of this world, a pocket that fits a passport perfectly, a mobile phone, and even a sunglasses loop to hang your shades in. All this makes it stand out in a crowd massively, purely just on the design, fit and look of it.

It looks super cool, but understated at the same time, it is classy and best of all it is hand made, here in Britain by some of our British mountain lovers up north.

I love that it has been designed and made by people with a deep love and passion for the mountains and snowboarding, because you can tell, with every stitch – its definitely made with a whole lot of love behind it.

Go buy one.

Winter is upon us.

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