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  • Rebecca Marshall

Nelson Street Restaurant - Buckingham

Have you ever eaten food and actually tasted the passion and love behind it?

Nelson Street is somewhere where you find heaps of love put into every dish.

I had a friend visiting from London and I booked for us to go on a Saturday night as a bit of a treat. We ended up trying the ‘Adventure Menu’ (plus other dishes) - which are small plates of unique and adventurous pairings.

Over all we tried approximately 8 / 10 plates and every dish blew us away. I left that night feeling elated and wanted to tell EVERYONE that they must go there!

The guys behind this place are so passionate about what they create, and you can seriously taste it in every bite. I’ve never been to another restaurant like it in our area, so if you are looking for incredible tasting, impeccably presented food, and an all round memorable experience to celebrate a special occasion - this is where I would recommend you go in North Buckinghamshire.

The quirky touches around the restaurant are fun and inviting and give it the extra ‘edge’ you desire when looking for ‘somewhere special’. Every dish has serious ‘wow’ factor.

The waiting staff are experienced and informative - they make the whole experience more personal and enjoyable.

Sadly this epic Buckinghamshire Restaurant is closing on New Years Eve 2017 (exactly a months time) so you only have this month of December to go and try all the wonderful delights these passionate chefs create.

Its wonderful that they are supporting small local businesses by buying local produce, and the fabrications of the restaurant are locally sourced too. The owners are born and bred from Buckingham and have a passion about giving the local community / area something special to enjoy. They have Honey from the local bee farmer, and even wine from the local Chafor Wine estate in Gawcott! (I definitely would give a glass of ‘Elegance’ a try if you like your whites to pair with any seafood dishes.)

I highly recommend the Scallops and the Crispy Duck - they are to die for!

Basically every plate is awesome and will blow your mind and make you want to come back for more...

So if you are feeling festive and want to enjoy this incredible restaurant one last time - get booking this month before its too late!

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