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  • Rebecca Marshall

Buy British: Honey

Alot of people don't realise just how different honey can taste. You may think I am biased as a honey producer, but you honestly can 100% define the quality of honey by its taste.

Yes, you can pick up your cheap chinese or argentinian honey off the super market shelf for cheap - but if you compare it to a pure english honey, you will be quite suprised at the difference in taste and how good it is for you...

Granted, you have the argument of "why should I buy english honey ? it costs more"

But buying English honey means you are supporting all your english honey farmers, (which are on the decline) and it puts money back into our economy - so who wouldn't you want to do that?!

Also, it tastes MEGA GOOD! #winning

You have such a variety of flavours, textures and tastes in the UK - you've got your clear 'runny' honeys which are produced by the bees mis to late summer - Borage, English brambles, Lime and so on... Then you have your thick set honeys, which are produced in the spring - oil seed rape, mixed english wildflower and so on...

If you suffer from hayfever, people have said that having a tea spoon of the set stuff every day from early spring - from a local bee farmer (it must be local pollen / honey or it doesn't work!) can reduce your symtoms and make hayfever a great deal more managable. It doesn't work for everyone, but I have had several people write to me saying its cured their hayfever!

When I have a sore throat or cough, I mix up a large teaspoon of honey, squeeze of lemon and a few slices of fresh ginger with hot water, and it works a treat for a tickly throat / cough.

Honey is also ace if you have a splinter that you are struggling to get out. Something in the honey draws out poison or foriegn bodies in the skin. So dab some honey on the area of the splinter, stick a plaster over it, leave it for a couple of hours, and then tweezer away and pull it out.

It really is magical stuff and works like a vaccum! This also works the same when you have been stung by a bee, put honey on it! because it draws the poison out of your skin!

My family company British Honey Producers have been working together with Rowse Honey Co for 30 years now, and they really do make increible, affordable beautiful honey. You can buy in any super market, with a wide range to choose from, and it tastes fantastic dribbled over your pancakes, or stirred into your morning porridge!

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