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  • Rebecca Marshall

Pocket Power Balls!

So, we've all heard of 'bliss balls' and 'energy balls' these are 'Pocket Power Balls'. They have this name due to being perfect to put in a sandwich bag in your pocket when you are on a long distance run or cycle ride to give you those extra boosts of energy along the way. Full of natural energy boosting super foods, these will do the trick to keep you going that extra mile!


75g x Desiccated Coconut

25g x dried Goji Berries

50g x Coconut Oil

50g x Hazelnuts

50g x Macadamia Nuts

25g x Chia Seeds

50g x Raw Cocoa Powder

50g pitted dates


1.) Melt coconut oil in a pan with the honey.

2.) Put all other ingredients in a blender. Blend.

3.) Add honey and coconut oil. Blend.

4.) roughly chop your dates and add to the mixture. Blend.

5.) Make balls in the palms of your hand and place on a baking tray on in a tupperware.

6.) Put in the freezer for 45 minutes, then transfer across to the fridge.

7.) These will last up to a week in a fridge for whenever you need that pocket power hit or a little sweet treat throughout your day.

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