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  • Rebecca Marshall

Cinnamon And Honey Poached Pears

This has got to be the simplest, quick and versatile recipe because not only can you make it for a healthy refined sugar - free breakfast but you can make it as a dessert at a dinner party also.

I used to make poached pears in mulled wine whilst running chalets in France which is where I got the inspiration from.


Pears (quantity dependent on how many people 1 - 2

pears per person)

Cinnamon x 1 tbsp

Honey x 2 tbsp

Water x Enough to just cover the pears

Served with:

Natural Yoghurt and honey at breakfast

Creme fraiche as a dessert


1.) Peel and half your pears, cutting out the core.

2.) Bring to boil a pan of water, add the cinnamon and honey

3.) Once the honey has melted in the liquid, place your pears in the pan and cook for 10minutes.

4.) Remove pears from the liquid, place on plates, serve with a dollop of Natural yoghurt and runny honey, or Creme fraiche.

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