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  • Rebecca Marshall

Butternut Squash Green Thai Curry

Green Thai curry is one of my favourite simple dishes to whip up when I have friends over, and as I had an amazing veggie box delivered this week, I decided to make a veggie curry using all the tasty fresh veg.

You can adapt this how you want by swapping in different veggies, but I find it works best with 3 - 4 veggies max.


Butternut Squash x 1

Carrot x 1

Green Pepper x 1

Chard x bunch

Cauliflower x 1

Lemon grass Stick x 1

Thumb of Fresh Ginger

Green Thai Curry Paste

Coconut Milk x 1 400ml can

Tumeric x 1 tsp

Olive oil x 1 Tbsp

Fresh Coriander


1.) Slice your Butternut Squash into 1"inch thick discs. Leaving the skin on, chop into cubes.

2.) Using a a potato peeler, 'julienne' your carrot into thin ribbons.

3.) Roughly chop your green pepper into pieces.

4.) Chop your chard up roughly, cutting the leaf away from the stem.

5.) In a sauce pan, fry off your thai paste and ginger until just sizzling.

6.) Add the pepper and Butternut Squash moving it around the pan to make sure it is entirely covered in the paste.

7.) Add your coconut milk, a beaten lemon grass stick, and your carrot.

8.) Place your chopped chard on top of the curry and put the pan lid on to gently steam it for 10 mins.

9.) Stir in your chard, don't let it bring to boil, put on lowest heat.

10.) Create your Cauliflower rice by grating florets of cauliflower. Heat 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil in a frying pan and add your rice. Sprinkle the Tumeric over the rice moving it around the pan until it is all bright yellow. Fry for around 5 minutes.

11.) Serve curry and rice together with some fresh coriander and chilli flakes on the top.

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