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  • Rebecca Marshall

Ginger Turkey Burgers

Recently I have been trying to eat a little less red meat as after watching several environmental documentaries and Ted Talks, I was feeling maybe it is quite an over consumed meat and I love trying new things anyway!

I have been trialing different 'white meat' and fish recipes, and I had never tried turkey mince before, so decided to get some and make something with it that wasn't the classic go - to chilli con carne...

I came up with the Ginger Turkey burgers because I love the zing of ginger, it reminds me of a beautiful thai summer and think turkey can be a little dry and bland as a meat sometimes.

The juiciness of the fresh ginger in this really does add a lovely flavoursome moisture to the burgers, the the fresh coriander keeps popping up making an appearance every other mouthful.


1/2 sweet potato (grated)

4 spring onions (chopped)

Handful fresh Corriander (chopped)

A hefty thumb of Ginger ( Grated)

1 x pack of Lean Organic Turkey Mince

Salt and Pepper to season

4 tbsp Organic porridge Oats

1 x Free Range Egg (beaten)

Pinch of Sesame seeds

Pinch of Chia Seeds


1. In a mixing bowl add your mince and break it up. Add your spring onions, ginger, sweet potato, coriander, egg, salt and pepper.

2. Spoon the mixture out and make into patties in your hands.

3. Spinkle the porridge oats onto a plate and pat your patties onto the oats making a thin 'oat coating'

4. Fry in a pan until both sides are golden brown.

5. Sprinkle Sesame seeds and Chia Seeds on top.

Recipe Tip: Try serving these on a bed of greens - (it goes great with my Sesame Soy Greens recipe!)

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