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Healthy Honey: Cocoa Balls

Cocoa balls are a great little 'refined - sugar free' snack or something to give you that chocolatey hit when you're craving it.

They last upto a week or two in the fridge and are so so quick and easy to make.


50g of Hazelnuts

50g of desiccated coconut

25g raw cocoa powder

1 tablespoon of coconut oil (melted)

3 tablespoons of Honey

50g of fresh dates

Put in the blender your dates, hazelnuts, cocoa powder dessicated coconut. Pour mixture into a mixing bowl, stir in honey and coconut oil.

Now, at this point I usually put on some Nitrile or latex gloves as things get messy / sticky!!

Using your hands, mould little balls out of the mixture and place in a tupperware to pop in the freezer.

Leave in the freezer for 30mins to an hour, then transfer them over to the fridge to happily snack on throughout your week!

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